Taking Action
Taking Action
Taking Action

What We Do

The Lynne Cohen Foundation serves women facing increased risk for ovarian and breast cancers. With education programs and comprehensive preventive care clinics, we arm these women and their families with the knowledge, tools, and clinical support they need to take action early, survive, and thrive.


Care Team


Our Preventive Care Clinics house multi-disciplinary teams of doctors and specialists dedicated to assessing your risk, implementing a management plan, and supporting you along the way.

is Power


Educational opportunities range from the clinic to the living room, and arm you with the knowledge, tools and insights needed to feel aware, safe, and supported.

to Inspire


At Kickin’ Cancer!® Events, it’s all about getting sweaty for the cause, making new friends, and celebrating life.

Where Do You Locate Yourself in this Cause?

Our donors realize that not only are we fighting for our sisters, mothers, daughters and friends, but for ourselves.

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About Us

Founded in 1998 by the daughters and son of Lynne Cohen, the Lynne Cohen Foundation exemplifies the life force and passion of its namesake. Lynne loved being a mom. From playing with her kids, to encouraging their life explorations, Lynne served as her children’s guiding light and inspiration. She endowed each of them with a profound sense of responsibility and compassion.

Lynne battled for 5 long years to stay with her children, but ultimately succumbed to ovarian cancer. Determined to honor their mother’s memory, Lynne’s children founded the Lynne Cohen Foundation to fight for women like their mother and families like their own. At just 21 years old, Lynne’s youngest daughter, Amy, became the driving force behind the project. Twenty years later, she remains dedicated to delivering the foundation’s gifts to those who need them most.

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“I always strived to be a best friend, no matter how great or how crummy my day was. When I look back, what matters most is that I was there for the people I loved.”

-Lynne Cohen (1945-1998)

Featured Partner

Devin Sidell is a previvor who is sharing her story in an upcoming dark comedy feature film called Lady Parts in order to bring more awareness and normalization to BRCA-positive women undergoing preventative surgeries.

Devin, who is producing and playing the lead role, is BRCA-1 positive and underwent a preventative oophorectomy/hysterectomy in November 2016 while her older sister was undergoing chemotherapy for Triple-Negative, Stage 2B breast cancer. Sidell’s mother survived borderline Stage 4 ovarian cancer in 1994 as well as breast cancer in 2012. Her mother’s sister passed away from ovarian cancer in 1996. In December 2017, Sidell opted to undergo a preventative double-mastectomy. However, she has not undergone reconstructive surgery specifically to play the role of Danielle realistically. She will openly exhibit her scars and expanders so that the audience can truly get a feeling for what a difficult decision this is and how the aftermath honestly looks.

You may recognize Devin from her viral Brooklyn Nine-Nine scene or her recent article on Bust.com.

To learn more about the film and how you can support it, visit www.ladypartsthefilm.com.

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