“Having watched my mom die from ovarian cancer, I walked into the clinic with fears and insecurities, but walked out with knowledge.”

– Clinic Patient


64% of the women diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year will lose their battle17% of the women diagnosed with breast cancer this year will lose their battle



Through preventive care clinics, Kickin Cancer!® events, and more intimate educational gatherings, we deliver health education and cancer awareness to women and families who need it. Initiatives like The Peony Project, founded in memory of our dear friend, Georgia Cord, brings people together in living room settings to learn from top medical specialists and lifestyle experts, to ask questions, to express hopes and fears, and to connect with one another.

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This is why the Lynne Cohen Foundation offers individualized prevention, education, and early detection. We want you to either be in that 93%, or to prevent cancer all together.



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