Stephanie Wilkins’ Story

stephwilkinsThe Stephanie Wilkins Memorial Fund | Established 2008

Stephanie Wilkins was an amazing mother, sister and friend. On April 2, 2008, she lost her battle with ovarian cancer.

I met Stephanie over a decade ago. She’s the mother of my close friend, Corey Wilkins. Stephanie was different from the rest of my friend’s parents. She was the “cool mom.” As I got to know her, she became more of a friend to me, rather than just my friend’s mom. She was so easy and fun to talk to. She was vibrant and so full of life, and then she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Everything changed.

When Stephanie succumbed to the disease, I never imagined that her fight would become my fight but her experience inspired me to be a champion for this cause. This year my friends and I with special help from Corey, Stephanie’s son and Lyla Rochelle Wilkins, her niece, held the first annual Walk and Remember 5K on Saturday September 20 at Branch Brook Park in Newark, NJ.

The event was truly amazing and I was so touched by all those who came out to support Stephanie and our mission of Ovarian Cancer awareness. Being involved in Walk and Remember meant so much more to me than helping a worth while cause or raising money for the foundation. The event allowed me to make a profound impact in the lives of women in our community through education and fundraising. It also allowed me to honor the legacy of a woman who meant so much to so many.

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