Sarah DeLeon’s Story

deleonSarah DeLeon, 1946 – 2004

Sarafina “Sarah” DeLeon lived each day of her life trusting God. Her faithful and determined “choice” to accept His will for her life was an inspiration to many.

For two years, she was burdened with light-headedness and being “sick to her stomach,” with no clue to her malady, except for a diagnosis (make that misdiagnosis) of having diverticulitis. After many months of treatment, to her surprise, an MRI detected that she had ovarian cancer; however, this was not possible as she had undergone a hysterectomy and had had her ovaries removed. Stage III ovarian cancer was the diagnosis.

Sarah chose an aggressive chemotherapy treatment, coupled with acupuncture and other lifestyle changes. To her delight, she recovered and entered remission! For five wonderful years, she thanked God daily for giving her “another chance” and “being a survivor.” Doctors told her that “she was a walking miracle.” Sarah gave God all the glory! No doubt, her optimism and faith were an inspiration to all. For almost 9 years she “fought the battle of her life,” but Sarah succumbed to the disease on December 19, 2004.

Sarah’s integrity and humble optimism were paramount to her peaceful existence. She focused on living her life “one day at a time,” and “making it another year.” In retrospect, Sarah would probably say, “I’d measure my life by the seasons of love; for love has many seasons and it’s a gift from up above.”

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