Pamela J. Wilcox’s Story

Pamela J. Wilcox (1953-2005)

In May 2003, at age 49, Pamela was feeling bloated and experiencing abdominal pain, and went to her doctor for a checkup. Following an oophorectomy and debulking surgery in July 2003, she was diagnosed with Stage IIIC ovarian cancer. Pam underwent numerous chemotherapy treatments, including Gemzar, Carbo, Taxateer, TLK-286, Topotecan, and Doxil, and despite the harsh side effects she stayed upbeat and active. She began exercising regularly and continued the healthy eating habits she had followed most of her life.
In August 2005, Pam came down with pneumonia and bacterial colitis and was admitted to the hospital for three weeks. As Pam’s condition worsened, she and her family chose to have home care with the support of hospice. Within two weeks, Pam regained her energy and was able to once again enjoy her daily routine. Pam went on to joyfully celebrate her 30th wedding anniversary and her niece’s wedding, despite a great deal of back and stomach pain. Pam’s condition then began to worsen and, in October 2005, she was confined to her bed at home. At age 51, with her loving husband, daughter, and son by her side, Pamela lost her battle.

Pam spent her last few years traveling to great places and visiting her daughter in Pennsylvania. During chemotherapy, she was determined to keep enjoying life and often went hiking and even whitewater rafting! Pam will always be remembered for her strength, courage, positive attitude, artistic creativity, and most of all, her radiant smile! Creating the Fund to help others echos one of Pam’s guiding principles: putting others first.

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