The Paige Lynne Breunig and Linda Revae Rein Story

PaigeBreunigIn 1996, Paige Lynne Breunig, a newlywed of one month, went to care for her mother, Linda Revae Rein, who was recovering from ovarian cancer surgery. After six months, Linda completed her initial chemotherapy, and the family hoped to put that chapter behind them.

In 1999, while her mom was in the midst of an 8 year remission, Paige was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Although her illness returned only two months after her initial surgery and treatment, Paige fought a valiant battle while being cared for by her mother, enduring weekly trips for a gene therapy trial at M. D. Anderson and numerous rounds of chemotherapy. But at age 32, only two years after her diagnosis, Paige died at home.

On December 27, 2013, Paige’s mother, Linda, lost her epic 17 year battle with ovarian and breast cancer. She had undergone nine more years of aggressive treatments, always hoping for a new drug that would enable her to continue living the life she loved, through family activities, travel, and in recent years, a return to musical theater with Alive & Kickin, a senior citizen rock and pop ensemble. She was able to do almost everything she wished until only a few weeks before her death.

Both Paige and Linda, two women who were as beautiful inside as they were out, will long be remembered with love and admiration for their fierce determination to live their lives fully despite their illnesses and for bringing so much joy to their families, their friends, and their communities.

It is hoped that this fund will lead eventually to earlier detection and prevention so that other families will be spared such agonizing losses.

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