Mary Jane Fletcher’s Story

When Mary Jane Fletcher was 55 years old, she made an appointment to see her doctor because of some unusual symptoms she had been experiencing – weight gain around the middle, extreme fatigue and a feeling of just not being quite right. The doctor passed it off as weight gain due to age. She was told to return in six months. Six months later, in Nov. ’98, there was no question that something was wrong when she was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer, which covered her abdominal cavity like splattered paint. She underwent three major surgeries and numerous rounds of chemotherapy but she stayed committed to getting better through it all.

A dedicated mom, Mary Jane’s greatest joy came from her husband Bill of 33 years, her three children, Tammy, Chris and Betsy, her daughter-in-law, Jennifer, her son-in-law, Shane, and her two granddaughters, Hope and Sage. Her son, Chris, shares these memories: “What I remember most about Mom is her laugh. Hearing Mom laugh was like listening to my favorite music. It always warmed my heart to hear that sound; it was like she was saying I love you. And I remember her advice. When Mom gave advice, I felt like a kid seeing the ocean for the first time.”

On October 25, 2001, just before her 58th birthday, Mary Jane passed away at home with her family.

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