Linda Moffa’s Story

Linda Moffa, 1947 – 2006, with Grandson Benjamin

In spring 1999, Linda and Phil Moffa were planning an extravagant Asian cruise. Linda seemed in perfect health until a routine annual gynecologic exam changed everything. During an internal, her new doctor felt “something”. A complete hysterectomy was performed, revealing Stage IIIc ovarian cancer widely spread throughout Linda’s peritoneal cavity. After major debulking, Linda began chemotherapy.

A few months later, Linda was also diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer. Once the initial chemotherapy regimen for the ovarian cancer was completed, Linda underwent a lumpectomy and radiation. In the midst of this, Linda and Phil proudly attended their younger daughter Allison’s college graduation. Linda also painstakingly planned the dream wedding for their older daughter Sharon and fiancé Andrew. During the seven years since diagnosis, Linda underwent a staggering eight regimens of chemotherapy for persistent ovarian cancer recurrences. Despite the debilitating side effects, she maintained an amazingly positive outlook and never complained. Always an athlete, she even continued to exercise on the treadmill, play tennis, and started up a yoga class.

In summer 2003, Sharon and Andrew gave birth to Linda’s first and only grandchild, Benjamin Jacob, named for Linda and Phil’s fathers. Linda, called “Bubs” by Benjamin, reveled in her new role of grandmother. She and Benjamin formed an incredible bond of mutual adoration and love.

By spring 2006, Linda was beset by intense back pain and underwent weeks of excruciating tests to find the cause. Tragically, an aggressive cancer growth was found in her liver. Linda passed away in April, with devoted husband Phil and her children by her side. Benjamin constantly reminds us how much he misses his Bubs. We all do.

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