Linda DeOme’s Story

lindadeomeLinda DeOme 1953-1999

Linda DeOme was 46 when she was diagnosed with Stage III-c ovarian cancer in November 1999. Nine months after relocating to Atlanta from Boston, Linda had experienced some pain in her back and lung area and went to the doctor for what she believed was walking pneumonia. While there she explained that one of her small dogs had jumped on her tummy and the pain was excruciating. These were her only warning signs; yet within days she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Less than ninety days later, on February 2, 2000, Linda died.

After her death, one of her best friends, Pat Travassos, wanted to do something to keep her memory alive and to help other women avoid the pain and suffering Linda had to go through. She established the Linda DeOme Foundation to fund research for an ovarian cancer early detection test and with her board members raised over $21,000 at their first fundraiser.

It is important to Linda’s many friends that what Linda stood for live on. They will always treasure their memories of her, not the least of which was her wondrous smile. With the Linda DeOme Memorial Fund, they will continue to honor her life and do the work to which she dedicated herself, being there to help others.

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