Liliana Gabbrielli Morin’s Story

Liliana Gabbrielli Morin
Our mother, Liliana, was born and raised in Italy.  During World War II she met and married our father, Jose Morin, a decorated sergeant in the U.S. Army. As a war bride, she followed her groom home to the U.S. where they raised four children.
Liliana was a strikingly beautiful woman with an even more beautiful spirit.
Her greatest qualities were generosity, honesty and strength, always giving of her time and thinking of others before herself.  She was a consummate hostess, our home constantly filled with family and friends.  Fluent in Italian, Spanish and English, she took great pride in her U.S. Citizenship.
Our mother’s journey with Ovarian Cancer began in the spring of 1999.
Liliana experienced bloating, irregular bleeding (she was on HRT), nausea and severe heartburn.  Unfortunately misdiagnosed, she was prescribed antacids.  Her symptoms grew worse and she lost over 30 pounds, unable to eat.  She developed an abnormally enlarged thigh (lymphedema) and was finally diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer (almost one year after first symptoms)!  She endured 2 debulking surgeries along with several courses of various chemotherapies.  Throughout the eighteen months she fought this disease, she rarely complained even though she was in and out of the hospital with infections, low blood counts and transfusions.  Liliana lost her battle on October 20, 2001, surrounded by her children at home.
We are so grateful to the Lynn Cohen Foundation for their commitment to the early detection and prevention of women’s cancers.  Frequently we wonder how different it may have been for our beloved mother had she been diagnosed earlier.  This is for you Mammina, we miss you so much.

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