Lann K. George’s Story

lannKgeorgeLann K. George, October 29, 1954 – March 22, 2004

In July 2002, Lann had an “abnormal” Pap smear. Examined by her OB/GYN in early August, nothing was found. By September she was having low back pain, but dismissed it as she had chronic back pain for years. But by the end of September she was also having pain in her lower left abdomen. When she went back to the OB/GYN in early October, the tumor was Stage III, and she was in surgery within10 days.

After 6 months of chemo, she was pronounced “cancer free” in April 2003. She started a maintenance chemo program shortly after that. In early June the pain was back and she made multiple trips to her oncologist who believed her pain was from constipation. We insisted in mid-July that a new CT scan be given and a large tumor was found in her abdomen with spots on her liver.

Lann passed away on March 22, 2004 after a battle which included the latest cutting-edge treatments. She was 49. Until her illness she was in remarkable physical condition from running, cross-country skiing and biking. She paid close attention to her diet and worked hard to stay in shape and remain healthy. While Lann had a successful career as an account executive, her greatest joy came from being the mother of her daughters, Heidi and Brynna.

Everyone who met Lann was struck by her kindness. The first thing you saw was her beautiful smile. She was always smiling. She will be remembered with much love by her family and friends.

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