Kathy Dennis’s Story

kathydennisIn October 2000, I was broad sided with a diagnosis of stage IIIc ovarian cancer. It came on with little warning. I was in Reno redecorating my parent’s bathroom on Wednesday and on Thursday I was in the hospital. I remember feeling a little bloated and tired but thought it was because I had just turned 40 the previous March.

My initial surgery removed several tumors and immediately afterwards I began chemotherapy. In June 2001 I had a second-look surgery and more tumors were found. My doctor then tried a different type of chemo, which I completed this past January. All my tests now show that I’m cancer free.

I feel lucky and blessed that I’m able to be here. I don’t believe I could have made it without my support group by my side, my family, my friends, my doctor, the great nurses at Los Gatos Community Hospital and my wonderful partner, Greta. I’m starting the Kathy Dennis Honorary Fund to help other women who are dealing with advanced ovarian cancer so that they will be able to survive this terrible disease and see what our great big wonderful world has to offer. I plan on being right here with them.

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