Julia Campos’s Story

juliaCamposJulia Campos, 1956-2003

Julia first discovered a lump in her breast late in 1999 while showering. She went to see her doctor twice before an ultrasound was taken in 2000. After a needle biopsy, the diagnosis of stage IV breast cancer was confirmed. Her lumpectomy was performed on February 9, 2000.

Julia found it difficult to tell her friends and family about her cancer and her treatment because she worried it would be so upsetting to them that they would fall apart. For three and a half years she went about her life as if the cancer weren’t there. She had her surgeries and endured her treatments courageously and very quietly. She wanted to continue living her life and finding joy where she could. She had hopes, dreams and plans like anyone else. She was indomitable. For support, she turned to the Wellness Community.

Julia returned to Mexico several times during her illness. She wanted to keep her mind off her illness and she loved showering gifts on her family and friends, on those less fortunate. She cared about her culture and strived to maintain her Hispanic roots.

In her memory, her family and friends have decided to raise money for a program for underserved women at the Lynne Cohen Preventive Care Clinic Women’s Cancers at USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center in Los Angeles. Julia’s legacy of love and life keeps her memory alive; it keeps her loved ones thinking about Julia—larger than life and so much more than her breast cancer diagnosis. Through the Julia Campos Memorial Fund, Julia is still showering gifts on those less fortunate.

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