Donna M. Kintsch’s Story

Donna M. KintschIn October 2000 when Donna was 44, she was rushed to emergency with severe back pain and what she thought was a ruptured disc. She had been conscientious about regular gynecologic visits because her mom, Claire, had been diagnosed with Stage I ovarian cancer the preceding year. Claire was doing fine, but Donna’s MRI revealed Stage IIIc ovarian cancer. She had surgery and six months of chemotherapy. Only three months later, her cancer recurred.

Donna, her husband, John, and their three children, aged 7 to 11, moved to the East coast to be close to their families while she underwent aggressive treatment. In typical Donna style, she sought out the most optimistic doctors and preoccupied herself with details of making a comfortable, new home for her family. Her positive attitude was contagious.

Donna endured an incredibly painful, private battle for survival, but she never missed a step running her household, being “Super Mom,” and being there for everyone else. In February 2003, just days after her 48th birthday and 26th wedding anniversary, she lost her battle.

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