Cecilia Ceci’s Story

ceciliaceciL-R: Kim Kyne, Cecilia Ceci, Janine Courville and Lori Ceci-Haines

Cecilia Ceci, 73, died on June 14th, 2001 from ovarian cancer, leaving behind her husband of fifty-two years, Joe, and their three daughters, three sons, spouses and thirteen grandchildren. Because Cecilia was treated at the Norris Cancer Center, the family chose The Lynne Cohen Preventive Care symposium at USC/Norris to be the recipient of The Cecilia Ceci Memorial Fund.

Most important to her children is to make a difference to other families. “Our mom was a woman so beautiful on the inside that it couldn’t help but show on the outside as well. She led her entire life with grace and dignity.”

Keeping Cecilia’s memory alive will always enable others to know what a special grandmother she was. Her family will treasure these words, written by her grandchildren, forever, “With the wink of an eye or a warm embrace, you always knew how to put a smile on our face. You accepted each of us as we were and helped us to become the people we are.”

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