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Join our team and get involved! Use your creativity and passion to take an active role by fundraising, donating or spreading awareness for our cause. Choose from the options below to get started in a few short minutes!

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It’s Your Birthday

Celebrate your birthday by asking for life-changing donations instead of presents! Make this birthday count.
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The Holidays

33% of all donations are made during the holiday months. Try giving up a gift or two and ask for donations instead.
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In Lieu of Wedding Gifts

To celebrate your union, why not ask your friends and family to help women and families in need? Make donating to the cause an option for guests in lieu of gifts.
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Get Active

Whether you’re participating in a Kickin’ Cancer!® Event, running a marathon or skydiving, use it as an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for women at risk.
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Get Creative

Shave your head, grow a mustache, or promise to dance all day if you reach your goal. Do your thing, just do it for a cause.
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In Honor or Memory of…

Celebrate the memory of someone you love by raising funds to help others. Turning loss into love is at our core.
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For information on the process of giving securities, contact Christina Cord Questad at


Make a corporate gift to give hope to the women and families facing increased risk of breast and ovarian cancers, or check with your company’s human resources or community affairs office to inquire about having your gift matched by your employer. Please call (424) 272-1749 or email for more information.


Lynne Cohen Foundation welcomes planned gifts. We encourage you to speak with your financial planner when considering any type of planned gift. Please call (424) 272-1749 or email INFO@LCFOCR.ORG to get started.


We are pleased to receive in-kind gifts that pertain to the services we provide and use. To make a donation, call (424) 272-1749 or email


Set up a recurring gift and create a continuous channel of support for women in need. As a sustaining donor, you help ensure that women with an increased risk for ovarian and breast cancers receive the life-saving knowledge, tools, and clinical support they need to take action early, survive, and thrive.
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Now you can give back by representing the cause in our limited edition Kickin’ Cancer! workout gear.
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