Franco Muggia, M.D.

Franco Muggia
Professor of Medicine (Oncology), NYU School of Medicine
Co-chair: Gynecologic Cancer Working Group
Member: Phase I/II Working Group and Breast Cancer Program

Early Drug Development has been the major focus of my professional career. Lately it has encompassed activities in two broad areas: 1) working as an investigator in phase I/II trials with anticancer drugs, particularly in breast and gynecologic cancers; and 2) mentoring professional colleagues in clinical and translational aspects of new drug trials. From my extensive background in past collaborative clinical trials, I am keenly aware of the key role for a successful academic career to make research commitments towards institutional efforts in National Cancer Institute-sponsored early drug development, to collaborative activities with researchers in other similarly committed institutions worldwide, and to investigator-initiated proposals with compounds emanating from the pharmaceutical industry. My continuing publications reflect, in addition to these mentoring activities, awareness of the importance of timely scientific publications and exchange of ideas in completing the ‘feedback loop’ from bench to bedside and back to bench, that lay the foundations for eventual therapeutic breakthroughs.

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